Jumping For Joy

June 1st: What’s one thing you’re grateful for today?

There are some things that the English Language falls short in describing. This is one of them. But I’ll give it my best shot.

I’m just not sure there are words to describe the happiness my daughter exudes as she jumps on the trampoline. Her hair flowing, arms circling, smile dazzling.

“Come on Mummy!”

How can I refuse?

The jumping. The freedom. The air. Like that scene in the Tom Hanks movie ‘Big’ when they’re jumping on the trampoline — the inner child kicks in and you’re there… right back in your 6-year-old bare feet, arms flailing, loving life.

I love the games she creates. The nonsensical yet beautiful games with all their glorious yet completely random rules. The rules are the best!

“No jumping on my side of the trampoline!”

“No jumping from side to side, Mummy!”

“No talking!”

“Don’t do that with your arms!” (I was oblivious to the fact that my default arm position resembles that of a kangaroo. Or a rabbit. Or a meercat. You get the idea.)

We’re one step away from “No breathing” and “No smiling”.

But the giggles… oh my, it’s the sound of joy. Utter joy. The birds sang louder and prouder to provide a harmonious accompaniment to her chirps and chuckles.

Then, as soon as it got to 5 pm — just a moment ago — she wanted trampoline time with Daddy.

“When are you finishing work?”


“But when is soon?”


“But soon could be next week!”

He caves. Who wouldn’t with those wide, expectant, hopeful eyes?

So, he’s bouncing. As I type. I can hear the “Woohoo!” from my daughter and the laughter from my husband — the perfect antidote to his busy day of back-to-back virtual meetings and all-day screen-gazing.

Key Message: Make some time in your day to play. Even if just for a moment.