just for you

one to one

Working on a one-to-one basis can help you go deeper into your rest and relaxation, support emotional healing or develop your own personal meditation practice. 

There are many reasons people come to meditation or sound – stress and anxiety, pain or trauma, sleep disorders, a sense of ‘lostness’ or perhaps just in need of a space to let go, to breathe, to rest. You might not really know what you need and that’s ok too.

exactly what you need

Working one to one allows me to customise a bespoke session to meet your needs and respond to whatever arises. Sessions can take the form of a guided meditation, coaching meditation or sound bath.

1 hour sessions are £75.

where you need it

One to one sessions can take place at your home (within a reasonable distance – please get in touch) or a popular alternative is to work via phone or Zoom.

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