Guided Meditation and Sound Bath (19th November)

I use approaches and methodology from yoga nidra meditation, iRest, mindfulness and sound therapy to help you deeply relax, rest and renew.

I can help you to:

  • feel at ease with life – with yourself

  • feel calm, grateful, present and happy

  • have clarity in decision-making

  • slow down without being less productive

  • sleep better

  • feel less stress, anxiety and negativity

  • improve the relationships in your life

  • awaken to a deeper insight

“I slept
better that night
than I have
in months”

one to one

Working one to one allows me to customise a bespoke session to meet your needs and respond to whatever arises. Sessions can take the form of a guided meditation or a coaching meditation.


Take a moment for yourself with 75 minutes of complete rest and deep relaxation. Listen as my voice and healing sounds wash over you, sending you into a deep and blissful relaxation.


Need a bespoke solution that is entirely tailored to your needs? I offer one to one mentoring or coaching, group sessions or workshops on mindfulness, iRest yoga nidra meditation, managing stress, improving sleep, to name a few.