Infinity Black Onyx ‘Dance’ bracelet


A stunningly grounding, protective and powerful stone. As much as it grounds you, it also lifts you, filling you with happiness and joy. Like a shield from negative energy, dance your way through your days, full of strength and positivity.

If you’d prefer to choose your own word(s) to go on the bracelet, you can enter here and your bracelet will be made with this text instead. You can use letters from A-Z (in CAPs), and spaces. There is a limit of 14 characters due to sizing and spacing, but contact me if you have something specific in mind which needs more than 14 characters (including spaces) and I’ll do whatever I can to help you come up with something that will work.


8mm or 6mm Faceted Black Onyx beads, Sterling Silver beads (disco or plain), acrylic letter beads, and love.


6mm = Medium (approximately 17.5cm), 8mm=Medium (approximately 17.5cm)