There’s Something About the Sea and the Sky

June 6th: What’s your favourite colour? Why, and how is it represented in your life?

There’s something about the colour of the sea that soothes me. Whether you want to call it blue, green, turquoise… I don’t mind. The label of the colour won’t alter the effect it has on me. It washes over me with calm and happiness.

When I first experienced being in a plane, I remember looking down at the sea with that wide-eyed awe of childhood. The glistening glitter of the sun reflected on the waves. Glorious ripples of light dancing and pirouetting on the tides.

But I’m also drawn below the mirrorlike surface of these sparkling twinkles, to a deeper turquoise — a mysterious and magical hue. Like the undiscovered depths of the ocean, there’s a reminder of the undiscovered depths we can all explore within ourselves. A reminder to go beneath the surface, to dive, to feel the weight of the water but know that we can always come up for air.

There’s something about the colour of the sky too.

Taking a deep breath as I stare into the sky, instantly, I feel a sense of perspective. I am reminded of my relative insignificance amongst the overwhelming beauty of the Earth. It brings me back to the moment.

As a little girl, I remember lying down on the grass, staring into the sky. Lost in the spacious tranquillity of its blue. I still love the moments I spend with my daughter, lying hand in hand on the picnic blanket, looking up at the sky, making pictures out of the clouds shape-shifting overhead.

Blue, green, turquoise… whatever you want to call it, I don’t mind.

I love it.

It’s always the colour my daughter chooses when she makes something for me or draws a picture of me.

It’s the colour I chose when branding my business — there was no hesitation.

It’s the colour of the semi-precious gemstones I’ll choose when self-indulgently making pieces of jewellery for myself rather than for others.

It’s the colour of the bannister I painted up the stairs.

It’s the colour of my yoga blankets and cushions.

You get the idea.

Key Message: Soak up the colours that nature presents us with each and every day. They are breathtaking.